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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Delphinium Blue

It seems like the snow will never end today. From the time I woke up and until now I pretty much kept busy. As long as I didn't allow myself to think, I didn't have to worry about drifting back to the days that are long gone. For a good while I watched as the birds flocked to the feeder, made some soap, cleaned up a little and then it happened. I lay on the bed and at first I thought crazy to let my mind drift and then I said to my self. "Love is good, good to keep love in my heart" and then the memories flowed and I said " memories are good, good to keep the memories in my heart." But despite the warmth of the moment a tear fell and a void weighed heavily.

Delphinium blue never fades away,
like the memories of those special days.
The delicate petals are fragile indeed,
just like my heart when you left me.

Sometimes I cry on the occasional blue,
when I am reminded of the joy I shared
with you.I can try to explain the magic of
life when our hearts came together and
all seemed so right.

Just a little dream,
a moment with you,
your arms around me
and the sky so blue.

Just a little sunshine
on a cold winter day,
brightens my morn
to chase the gray away.

Just a little memory
a visual of two,
embraces for all time
there is me and you.

Just a little song,
to bring you here,
like the words, it
is our hearts we share.

That sweet embrace,
the love infuse,
the magical moment
my dreams of you.

Hold my hand and
walk with me, we
are the happiness
that is meant to be.

When two people bond with such intensity, 
the deeply passionate emotion only strengthens...love. 

Hand to heart,
heart to soul,
tightly woven
embrace of gold.

Memories sweet,
treasures unfold,
threads of silver,
quickly un-spool.

Unfinished story,
waits to be told,
words written on
a lovers scroll.

My responsibility is to my heart, 
for it led me to you. 
Can one love more than another? I think not for a soul mate has an internal beginning,
touches the heart, embraces the dreams, teeters on eternity.

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