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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Cry

Sometimes you just need a good cry. As I work on customer orders this early morn, I find that I was able to focus better after having a good cry. I guess it would be comparative to getting everything off  your chest. Sometimes when you are surrounding by negativity it is very difficult to rise above it. I have no idea who laid the path before me or why, I left it up to destiny. But in all reality, I keep thinking there must be more to this ill laid out plan.
I have always found my thoughts and actions to be in a disarray. Thrown about until someone intervenes and a new stone is laid in the walk way. Achievements, to some they are many and yet I feel as if they are like woven fabric with loose ends.

I look up to the stars
and they sparkle back,
you are never very far
and that my friends a fact.

You are here within my heart
where you have always were
meant to be, you are more
than a dream, you are my


When I smile,
the world gets
a glimpse of love.

When I dream,
the world is as
it should be.

When I dance,
you are always
in my arms.

When I gaze into
the heavens, it is
you gazing back.


I took a moment to write in the blue,
with clouds of white I leave for you,
a story of love, a word or two of the
bonding of souls when I fell for you.

There is beauty in the moment,
joy in my heart, spectacular the
visions that light the darkest, dark.

The treasure not of silver nor gold,
crystal gems from the earth can't
compare with this friendship of old.

No particular form is needed,
these words are just for you,
a reminder of my love and of
a dream come true.

Today is just a marker to count
the days gone by and a celebration
of a love that conquered time.

Second by second,
day by day,
the road before us
seems to fade away.

But somethings are forever,
like the magic you bring,
when you touched my heart
and taught it how to sing.

I can turn the pages,
and they all read the same,
I love you my sweet, forever
plus a day.

Remember that I love you,
remember that is true,
when hearts come together
the sky turned a bluer, blue.

Endangered the moment
as time goes marching on
so I document our love
like a well written song.

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