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Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow Storm

When my daughter and I started out today for our ladies day luncheon, the sun was shining and it was in the mid forties and all was right with the world. Though she checked the weather and knew they were calling for snow in the evening, I thought we surely we would be home before the storm moved in. It is around the second year of my first renewal of my drivers license and my first snow storm. There were a lot of first since I learned to drive. Warming the car in the frigid ice cold, chipping ice off of windows, doing a 360 on a oil slick road, failed to negotiate a turn and sitting in traffic going nowhere. Oh! the list is amazingly growing. But today I was caught in my first snow storm. It was a very wet snow, the kind that quickly turns to ice. The salt drugs and plow had yet to clear the roads, so I dropped my speed as I headed home. It was an amazing first, the beauty of the huge white snow flakes that made it almost impossible to see and the challenges that await over ever hill and around every bend. I guess that is much like life. There is always a challenge that will surface in our life. It is the challenges that catch us off guard that we fail to see till we make it over the hill and around the bend. Of course there is the element of surpise that comes with the first experience.
My sister and I spoke earlier in the day. I said " I don't know the where, what or why of my life. " She said there is a future that awaits you and soon you will see where the journey truly will take you." At this point in my life I didn't believe that tomorrow had anything else awaiting me. My mind slowly slid back to the snow storm. I never drove in a snow storm that was so blinding or that accumulated so fast on the road side. Yet there I was meeting a new challenge. You might say many people drive in snow storms and that would be true. Today was my very first. There I was behind the wheel , with a train of cars behind me. I made the decision what speed to travel, how to handle the car and I was responsible for myself and my daughter. There is a certain amount of self respect one gains when meeting a challenge, no matter how simple it may seem to someone else.
Throughout the year and especially during the winter I find myself in a rutt. I battle to make it through the day and I can't see tomorrow. What does the future hold? I guess we won't know that answer until it is ready to present itself. I said my new years resolution was accepting the truth. The truth not  as I want it to be, but the truth as it is.

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