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Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Woke up This Morning and You Were On Mind.

Gripped by this incredible chill as I think of the cosmos and the uniting of souls. Sounds like ramble but I have found that there really is a difference between what we think and reality. Two souls coming together is like the perfection of two puzzle pieces snapping together.
I wrote a piece years back " My Sweet Obsession."  Obsession or Love ? It is like snippets of songs put together to express a feeling " when I need love, I call out your name and I , please love me forever, just call out my name and I'll be there, some day when you are all alone and I love him so, people ask me how, put your head on my shoulder, " When songs become you are own, when a person controls your subconscious.
My friend Victor once said, " you are never alone for I am the smile in the stars" The night takes on a new meaning, when you can look at the sky and realize that we are never very far apart.
Couple times a year my emotions catch up with me.It is like this good cry or how much can one person take. I have never had much patience for puzzles. People, places and faces scattered like pieces of  a puzzle.What do they mean and where do they fit in the scheme of things ?
It has been a very difficult time as if every step has been in someone else's world. Controlled by fear, my choices were weak. Life is not always " black and white, sometimes you have to add a little color"
My thoughts are a bit random as I think to myself, I don't really belong here in this room at this moment, I belong in your arms.
It reminds me of a reader who stopped by the blog and said "the work is good for your intended audience" I laughed as the intended audience was for your eyes alone, but as each person reads it love has a way of living on.

Take away my tears
and my broken heart,
take away the sorrow
and hold me from afar,

Take away the loneliness,
the emptiness and fear
and replace it with the
love that was meant to
be shared.


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