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Monday, April 28, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine

Life is an on going classroom with each day providing new lessons. Trials and triumphs, the substance of each chapter. I find that respect of diversity allows a person to grow. Knowing that we each have our own rung on the ladder. It is the similarities and differences within each of us , that both brings us together and keeps us apart.
Yesterday was a true celebration of spring, the weather was as near perfect as it could be. Just the right amount of sunshine, soft gentle breeze and blue skies. It brought people from all walks of life together in the celebration of the wild onion called ramps. One of the first true signs that spring is underway.
The weekend was so busy that I had little time to think, but the irony is that after the weekend ended,  I was given a clarity of thought. As I ponder on yesterdays long gone and what my tomorrows will bring, I find myself puttering through the reality of life and love. It is with retrospect that I look back at a journey that was indeed filled with many lessons of life. In many ways it was as if I were rereading the same chapters of life over and over. This is where the clarity came in, stuck right in the middle of I. I consisted of my heart, emotions, love, hope and faith with an eternal will. I'll call  it what it is, there I was for so many years trapped in the chapter titled denial. As I review past and present chapters with much more clarity than ever before, I am now more capable of skipping through the book, ending a few chapters and moving forward in writing a new one. Life by all means is filled with more than a few hello and goodbye's.

Goodbye Yesterday

I can't changed my yesterdays,
they're all a part of me
Lessons that I carry
for all eternity.

Life is a poem,
with and without rhyme,
written in the heart
scripted to the mind.

I gaze out the window
like many times before,
knowing that tomorrow
has so much in store.

It is the strangers in our life,
that lead us on our way,
with reminders that love
warms like the sun's rays.

Good morning sunshine,
it's a  bright new day,
filled with laughter and
the love that just won't fade.

I am so ever grateful,
truthful as can be
that I have walked this earth
and you walked it with me.


Margie said...

Good Morning, Rachel
I loved this.
Your poem made me smile.
Needed a smile this morning, thank you,

Anonymous said...

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