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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Grains of Sand

Time is indeed passing
and busy we may seem,
but I never fail to think of you
and what you mean to me. 

Your voice has been recorded,
It is there deep within my heart
and I play it over and over 
like music on a harp. 

Precious is each moment
as it makes me truly aware, 
how little time we have to 
truly stop and share. 

Many tears have fallen
and my heart like a ship at sea, 
floats upon the flood of tears 
while wandering through the dreams. 

I take each and every moment 
that I have left upon this earth 
to tell those who mean the most to me
about their God given worth. 

I'll never take for granted the rising of the sun, 

the stars that shine above us, the flowers now in bloom. 
I'll never forget your love and how it touched my 
heart and how our love just and grew and grew
to fill the heavens with the glow of a billion stars. 


There are a few that have touched my heart and a few that touched my soul, 
but you have touched my whole life and have a true eternal hold. 

I sat here counting my blessings
though heavy my heart may be, 
the song, the dance and happiness
shared both near and far are all 
apart of me. 

My heart was changed forever, 
for it was given sight and taught
to sing  and on this earthly place 
it made reality from a dream. 

No longer bathed in innocence,
guilty am I, for I have been touched
by your love and kindness and
found the truth I could not deny. 

I placed my faith in the heavens
that tomorrow will come and go,
as once more we will share in the
happiness that leaves an eternal glow.

My father never was a man for goodbyes he would say 
" see ya later" and so no goodbyes ...see ya later. 

I want an itinerary for life, 

what road are we traveling, 
what is our destination and 
when it does stop? 
I use to think that we were a puzzle waiting to be completed, 
but as life goes on I feel as if  we are pieces being put back in the box. 

My daughter is way smarter than I was at her age...that gives me hope.


Margie said...

You have such a grateful heart and it shines in all you have written here.
Thanks Rachel, this one touched my heart.

Rachel C Miller said...

I always say we cross paths for a reason, thank you for crossing mine.