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Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Troubled recently by my sisters need for a kidney, it shed light on our own vulnerability. I am not a stranger to death of siblings and parents. I have already buried a sister,  two brothers and my father. I have written many times to bring peace to those who have lost love ones. But as I standby helplessly and watch as my sister suffers and makes decisions, I again become aware of the limit time places upon us. 
I read an article in the news , where a news caster just tied the knot at 80 years of age. My sister didn't' get out of her 30's before she died and so you wonder about the journey in which each of us are on. I know we can't live in fear and saying goodbye is never easy. 

I ran through the memories
as I tried desperately to hold on,
I didn't know what else to do, 
as I knew time was moving on. 

Time is precious this life we know, 
there is no stopping like wind that blows.
I wanted to tell you before you are gone,
how much I love you and in my arms
you belong. 

I have trouble with goodbyes
this you must already know, 
I can't understand how 
fast time really goes. 

I only want forever if forever 
means being with only you, as
all I ever think of is your hand
in mine as we stroll under the 

I have troubles with goodbyes, 
this you must already know. 
I'll hold you in my heart and I'll
never ever let you go. 



Margie said...

Oh, I am so sad to hear about your sister.
Your poem so touched my heart.


Rachel C Miller said...

Again thank you...it is as if you write, it becomes blowing in the wind. Documenting the inevitable. I don't think death is as bad as watching someone suffer. My sister is currently living her hell and that is painful for me.

Margie said...

To watch someone suffer is torture!
I am so sorry, Rachel.