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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring is LIght

Though it may seem that winter is struggling to hold on with another burst of cold weather with a dusting of  snow, it is impossible for it to deny us of the light. Kind of like the song " into each life a little rain must fall" but as I sit here gazing out the window watching the fickle season of spring tease us with an array of weather, I cannot deny since I met you, the sky is bluer, the sun brighter and the clouds more inviting.

I found solace in your memory,
to alleviate my broken heart.
The restlessness of the moment
begs to bring you from a far.

Shuffling the cards played
to rearrange my troubled life,
Trying to quickly erase the
loneliness both day and night.

Time places limits upon the soul,
reminds me of the day you took hold.
From the moment my sky of blue,
was written with words of I love you.


I watched the rain falling from the sky and
looked to the heavens and to my surprise,
there were signs of the love you gave to me,
like a warm spring day and a new dream.

I listened to the song birds as they whistled their song,
musical in nature, I thought I'd hum along.
Simple reminders of what you mean to me,
you are my sunshine and my warmest memories.

Just like the season
that is upon us now,
sometimes we have sunshine
and a few snowflakes falling down.

The skies are bluer
and the dreams surreal,
as I step upon the passing clouds
and your love once more feel.


1 comment:

Margie said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.