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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Till the Stars Blanket My Dreams

Life always circles back to choice. As I ponder on right and wrong and heartache and happiness, I find myself trapped between a small part of reality or the whole picture. Precious is that of life, time and the faith that tomorrow will come and we will bathe in the happiness of shared hearts as we embrace in the walk of life.

I can feel your love as it cradles
me both night and day, while it
makes each and every moment
feel like the month of May.

I can hear your voice as it
speaks to me, whispering of
a love that was always meant
to be.


Everything is fading
except for your love,
it is the magic of life
that meets in the heavens
La la la, I sing to you,
La, la, la I need you,
La, la, la, I'll not let go
for I love you so.

Weeping willow,
shallow indeed,
never took the
winters, uprooted
and no longer
there to seed.

Rare moments,
captured on my side,
touched my heart
and made me cry.

Weeping willow,
no longer standing tall,
first the branches fell
and that left nothing
but emptiness and hell.

I said goodbye long ago
and still I feel the haunting
that wouldn't let me go.


We are not promised tomorrow and
the season cannot always be spring
and that is why I celebrate the warmth
of  love you so kindly share with me. 

I'll not allow my heart to fill with tears, 
for I will hear your laughter as to my 
heart it sings, from the moment I 
wake up till the stars blanket my dreams. 


Margie said...

Brought me to tears.
You write so beautifully, Rachel

Rachel C Miller said...

Ah... you are wonderful and you bring a smile to my face.