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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Like fire in the wind...

I will never be the woman I was yesterday or the woman I am today,
as tomorrow writes a new page in a very different chapter.
I was awakened at 2 am by a brim stroking thunder and lightening storm. The flashes of light lit the night sky, reminding us of the power of mother nature. I pulled the blanket closer and closer and eventually tried to hide from the storm that seem to penetrate my bedroom window. It is natures way of reminding us of our vulnerabilities. I find myself looking at a rather gray day, knowing fully that behind the clouds the sun still shines.
Experience leads the path to a greater understanding,
there we find the road of wisdom.
It is not so much about acceptance
but more about the reality of truth.
I have been caught up in watching the Hays baby eagles on CBS live. Their tiny lives vulnerable,without the convenience  of a cover or roof structure. The eaglets battled the storms of spring again in a reminder that we all have ' our cross to bare'
Sometimes we are hung up on our own insecurities,
we fail to realize that everyone has a few unwritten pages.
You are the sun,
I am the rain,
we are the season
that you see today.
You are the love,
I am the sorrow,
we are the magic
of another day.
You are the fire,
I am the wind,
we are the tomorrows
that have yet to begin.


Margie said...

I wish everyone could read your beautiful writings, Rachel
You are an inspiration.

Rachel C Miller said...

The writing came about because of a promise and in some ways it is my therapy.
Life is short and beautiful and to hold love in your heart strokes the positive emotions.

Again Thank You