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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Eternal Poem

Sharing happiness,
soaring the blue,
bold red roses and
daisy's in bloom.

Season on season
wherever we maybe,
I hold you in my heart
as we reserved eternity.

If you don't know it,
I'll shout to heavens high,
so that you may know
our love has its own design.

Taking it all in
with tears all put a side,
a melancholy thought
raced through my mind.

Time is limited
here within this form ,
so I request a reservation
where our hearts will no
longer be torn.


I am the sun's rays
to warm your heart
and the night stars
to bring us from afar.

I am the wind that blows,
as a reminder of love that grows.
like the raindrops that fall,
you have my love , you have it all.


If rainbows were slides,
I'd be there in your arms,
if dreams were real
you'd feel me in your heart.

If I could change my yesterdays
and make the day a new,
I'd choose my forever
sharing it with you.

If I could sing across the mountains
so you my love would hear,
I'd sing both night and day
as a way our hearts could share.

If I could freeze the moment,
I'd place you here with me,
so we could walk through life
as if each day were spring.

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