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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Godly Plan

Rainy days, rainy days
no stars shining high,
all that can be seen is
the clouds passing by.

I looked to the heavens
as I waited for you,
in hope that you were
there waiting for me too.


Blah , blah , blah , blah...


Time places nothing on hold
and yet our love still unfolds,
like a story written in heaven
from earth revealing the value
our friendship is worth.


I took to the air and
I molded by hand
as if this love was
some Godly plan.

I felt you close and
I knew you were near
as I placed your love
in my heart with care.

Somethings are passing
but forever are we,
as it is documented
for all eternity.

Whether I am here
or in the heavens above
remember that you
will hold all my love.

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