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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Everlasting Love

The hum of emotion 
wordless never the less,
as I release the feelings
that love had birthed. 

Whispers in the morning
are the only thing you'll hear, 
as they are only meant for
you my love's ears. 

Sentimental movement 
within a douse of dreams,
creates an everlasting
experience of two souls
that were always meant 
to be. 

Entwined in our forever more,
whether or not there is more in store,
as you are my heart and you are my soul,
bonded two to one as we begin to soar. 

Can't separate no matter how we try 
or divided by mountains high.
Challenges await us each and every day
but I accept the journey that brought you 
my way.

I know it's love we feel 
as it is so very real, 
I can tough without leaving
and move while standing still.

You are in my life
and yet so much to share, 
as I reach on out to let 
you know how much I care.

You can't fake the moment
as this love is so true,
from the first hello 
the sky took on a different hue.

Are these words from my heart
or words of the soul or have they
come together to express how 
your love took a  hold?

The years have passed 
but nothing has changed,
my heart still quivers
as it did the first day. 

I smile with the memories
as I explored the very thought,
that our souls had reunited
from a time that the Lord a lot. 

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