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Saturday, July 22, 2017

..with thoughts of you.

My father quoted every Confucius says and old adage that a person could think of. One of them was " until you walked a mile in my shoes." It brings clarity to the fact that everyone thinks they experienced their own personal hell and indeed maybe they do. Though it can be  said " you can't compare apples to oranges" but never the less no one exactly know your experience unless they " walked a mile in your shoes. "
I always thought life was merely about choices but the older I get the more I understand how circumstance changes the playing field. Because when it is all said and done we still have to deal with the consequences. No matter what choices are made in life all of them will have some sort of consequence.
I am not sure if I am having a rainy day blues or a little to much time on my hands that the vulnerability surfaces. I prefer to replace the negative thoughts with positive memories and magical dreams.

I went about erasing
the chapters of gray
somehow replacing
with golden sun rays.

Everlasting memories
that set my path anew
and your warm love
that in my heart grew.

Reaching past the miles
beyond my yesterdays
bringing to the forefront
the smiles that never fade.

I can't think to hide
the sparkle in my eyes
from the moment I met you
I changed from inside.

This is my journey
skies both blue and gray
and as I move forward
I give thanks for each day.

Love I celebrate
the passion I desire,
the dreams I have
sets my soul on fire.

I went about erasing
chapters of gray
replace them with
warm sun rays.

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