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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 07, 2017

Silk Robe Memories

Some see a story, a story of love
but I see more as our hearts became one.
My world reacted as my feet left the ground
and I knew I found you on that one special cloud.

Some hear a song, a song of love
but I heard more as our souls became one.
Something different that I just can't explain,
but it brought sunshine where there is usually rain.

Some read words, word of love
but I read the emotions that made us one.
The distance faded as the words brought you near
and I knew that we had a lifetime to share.

Send the blue skies and
add a little sunshine,
spending my day
with thoughts of you

Early in the morn
when song birds sing,
I take to my bedroom
and there I begin to dream.

My eyes tightly closed
and still I can clearly see,
the visual a comfort
of you here with me.

I'd rather sleep in
just to have another dream,
each one a little different
but all contain the same thing.

I see your smile
warm and wonderful
and I feel your love
as the dream unfolds.


Silk robe memories
seem so long ago
when you showed up
with that first hello.

Shared conversation
exchange or love 
as we took to the clouds
in the dance above.

Hearts embrace
as souls reunite
we come together
in an embrace of life.

Heartache, tears
happiness and desire,
the experience of the day
more beautiful with each
passing hour.


Experience triggered the emotions
that captured memories, creating
a story of how my heart learned
to sing.


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