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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

... all of my dreams.

Was it a hint of spring or February trickery? The sun was shining the temperature above normal. The peach tree leaf buds swelled with the warmer weather and I found myself trekking the five mile Pumpkin Run path along the Monongahela river. Anxious for any sign that spring would soon be near, I looked at my surroundings in a rather inquisitive way  . The surrounding hills proved otherwise,with the sun beating down upon the hills as the ice laden rock like cliffs revealed that spring was still weeks away.
The Canadian geese known for migration,now stay the winter. The swimming pool of closed down yacht club was un-drained and I found myself amused as I watched the geese swimming in the pool rather than the river.
On my return back to the car I took an alternative path in hopes that it was a short cut. Smugly I grinned as I was reminded that most shortcuts turn out to be more difficult than if we stick to the intended path. Concerned that the path would not bring me out where I had hoped, I went over the hill and down through the trees to the path that was intended for foot travel.
The sun beginning to set spurred the cooler weather and encouraged me to pick up my pace. Anxious I looked at the mile markers and found that the last mile was the longest 1 mile I ever traveled.
The ground hog scurried across the path, a few winter birds took flight, a hawk soared above as I looked on in amazement at a planet whose history was still void of puzzle pieces to its beginning. I looked above to the sky, knowing that our lives are trivial to the bigger scheme of things.

The river quiet,
almost standing still,
no boats or barges,
it was very tranquil.

So close and yet so far,
I imagined you with me,
on the path of life and
in all of my dreams.

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