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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

In the Dark of Night

When spring comes a calling
and the blue bird stops to sing,
the world will look much brighter
like a chapter from my dreams.

When the angels stop to listen
and lend their ears my way,
I'll tell them all my secrets
and my wishes I'll convey.

When the day is almost over
and I close my eyes to sleep,
I will envision your arms and
that is is where I'll always be.

I really want to take a vacation by the shore this year. I have always like the Carolina's and the last time I remember being there it was early morning and the beach was empty and I walked barefoot in the sand and watched as the tide rolled back out to the ocean. The sky blue, the gulls squawking as they hovered over the sand looking for little sea creatures that were washed up on shore.
I had never felt so far and so close to anyone as I had at that moment. Like being part of the landscape and yet so vulnerable. We are vulnerable, we just don't always think about it.

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