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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rainbow Snowflakes...These ones are Red

As I watch the snow fall and look at the beautiful crystals layering upon the window pane my mind drifted and I thought of the old saying " no two snowflakes are alike." That would hold true for people and experiences as I believe no two are alike. Though it is true that we all have similarities in experience and in our thoughts and actions, the differences part the ways. Of course, I right away thought of soul mates. Exactly what makes a soul mate. Similarities were a part of it, the willingness to understand , comprehend , explore and the ability to share and the common ground in which emotions cross. But there is also a comfort zone and the comfort zone is knowing that we are not judged for standing and bearing our all to the world.
I was saddened earlier in the day when I thought that it was out of my control and to a degree somethings appear to be out of our control. But than it occurred to me that every situation whether positive or negative demands a choice be made. Well that seems awfully simple. We can alter any situation by simply choosing to do so. I thought hmmm... that doesn't seem so difficult and yet and I laughed as I out loud said a saying that I had heard many times " You can either be a part of the solution or a part of the problem." That just seems to darn easy and yet there was truth in the words spoken. Everything we do has a consequence , whether we choose to go with the flow or stand our ground and dare to be different. For all the tears that flooded from my eyes this morning , they seemed so dry and without emotion this evening. It had that feel of cleansing, yell a little, cry a little and get up and dust yourself off and move on. Dwelling on what you can' t do is wasted energy so I put that energy into what I know. Worked on products, made dinner and stood my ground. Today is like a snowflake, it will be nothing like yesterday and nothing at all like tomorrow. How we look at the reflections of the prisms of a crystal depends on where we stand. I saw the light beaming through and shining off the window. From this perspective I could separate myself from my surroundings. Hey! it was Popeye that said it best " I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam." The wisdom behind cartoons, go figure. I stood there for a moment , I thought of what makes me different and what makes me the same. I made decisions that put me where I am and I will make decisions that will take me to tomorrow.  I no longer felt the exhaustion that came with a long winter, I felt renewed. That one person understood, cared and was willing to make a difference along side me. It was as if I was given a strength like some super hero power which made infallible. 
There were many people instrumental in the long journey and I spent a moment or two reviewing those times. I wondered exactly what they meant and why, in general why do we have people who cross our paths? Of course some seem more positive than others and others  had quite the negative spin to them, so much that I could feel it to this day like a prick of a needle as it penetrates the skin.  I didn't want to think that these experiences changed me or somehow redirected my path. But in essence they did somehow alter the journey or at least add to the character that is constantly forming. Even the most negative of situation taught me caution and the most positive taught me the truth of love. 

I tucked a little lavender into
the cleavage of my breast , 
to calm my soul and allow
my troubled heart to rest. 

Relaxing by the light of 
my computer screen, my
knees bent and my head 
upon the pillow, while I
became lost in memory. 

I set about daydreaming
and wishing you were here,
wondering what you are doing
and remembering the time we 

My heart felt the warming 
from the infusion of love 
and I felt my soul escaping
unto the clouds above. 

The images delightful, 
like magic to the soul,
Envisioning your arms
opened with an invitation
to hold. 

I knew from the beginning
and I still know it now, 
that you are my love 
no matter the long miles.

Tonight I'll close my eyes
and it will be like no 
night before, for tonight,
I am in your arms forevermore. 

My heart sings the words,
your soul writes for me
and it is inevitable that 
we will surface from the

Love has spoken and
I'll not deny that every
passing minute is like
fireworks in the sky. 

The truth is there for 
us to see and I knew
it from that moment
you first said hello to

Red for love....

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