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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I just want to love you...like love should be shared

I just want to tell you how much I love you so
and whisper words of sweetness so that in
your heart they will grow.

I just want to touch you and fill your life with
happiness and share with you each moment in
a wonderful state of bliss.

I just want to script to the heavens high,
the indelible words of love to last for all time.

I just want to celebrate all you mean to me,
you took my heart and it's yours for all eternity.

I just want to love you, like love should be shared,
to hold you in my arms and prove how much I care.

If I could create a rainbow
I would arch it across the sky,
fill it with lots of love to
bridge your heart to mine.

If I could send a million
wishes via the butterflies,
you'd find my fluttering kisses
on your lips day and night.

If I could make the world,
a better place for you and I,
I'd place you in my arms
and in my heart for all time.

If I could make the dreams
of sunshine and summer blue,
I'd simply cast you in the grass
where I'm laying next to you.

If I could stop the pain of
a day where absence rules,
I'd start with a miracle
and let the love unfold.

If I could write the words
that would speak to your
heart, I'd fill it full of
happiness to reach you
from a far.

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