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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

For All Time

"Some say I'm a dreamer"  Spring is is not far off. February being a couple days short , I can't help but think I am half way through the month. Looking out my bedroom as the huge icicles slowly drip from the warming temperatures. Ah that winter sun and a hint of what is yet to come.
I am not so anxious to move around yet the house being relatively cold makes me just want to stay under the blankets a little bit longer. Yet I know I have to get up and about, make my way through the day. 
On my desk are many mementos, reminders of years gone by. It swept through my mind that I should gather them up and toss them out. But as I begin to dust them off, each reveals not only a moment in time, but the realization that none of us know what to tomorrow brings. The crystal ball is one that I can't part with, not for the usual reasons one might think. It is a reminder that we cannot dictate the voice of the heart. Exploring the emotions in what the heart speaks of as truth brings about a solemn sense of being. 
Looking at a list of movies in every genre, I thought why do we put ourselves through the stroking of emotions? From a range of fear, heartache, romance, drama etc, humor , all see to take us away from reality for a moment in time. But like the end of a movie, one ends and another begins.
What is the importance of life? I think to journey in the way it was intended from our birth and leave behind answers to questions not yet asked. 

To feel the love, 
hold it in your heart,
to remember to dream 
as you gaze up at the stars. 

Listen my sweet, 
no need to take notes,
each and every day
in the wind blows. 

You'll know when you
hear it and you know 
when you see the magic
of love that's taken over 

There is a star in the sky 
a bird in flight, a dream 
to dream and a love that
is yours and mine. 

There is a river flooding, 
a stream bed dry and 
a story to tell that meets
you square in the eye. 

There is a star in the sky, 
a bird in flight, a dream 
to dream and a love that 
is yours and mine. 


I'll never say goodbye, 
no end will there be, 
for love like yours and
mine will last eternity. 

When the sun no longer
shines and there is no 
moon up in the sky our 
love will go on, it's ours
for all time. 

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