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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, February 01, 2013

Every Day of The Year

I am certain our love is true,
it's a reflection of two hearts
entwined in the heavens blue. 

I feel it each morning as I awake
and all through the day until 
night makes its way. 

I am certain our love is true, 
it's a reflection of two hearts
entwined in the heavens blue. 


There is an unlimited combination that is true, 
the words rearranged all say " I love you."
Many poems are contained in the the heart,
the cravings of a soul where passion 
gets a start. 

Every thought and wish I have for you,
are scrolled in my heart like the clouds
which write across the blue. The pleasures
of life when two souls meet and the rest
was fate and the magic of a dream.
I can only imagine the sweetness of flesh,
your lips to mine in an everlasting kiss. 
Embracing the dream I hold you so ever 
close upon a rose bed of petals where
our souls are engrossed.
Feeling needy, 
wanting you so, 
the weakness of
flesh is beginning
to show. 

My body quivers, 
my heart is in a race, 
thinking of your love
from day to day. 
Endless words,
spoken from the heart, 
comforts and soothes 
even though we are
a far. 

My greatest strength 
is in wishing you here
and yet it is my weakness
as I wipe away those tears. 

The temperatures are dropping 
but it is no surprise, I am feeling
warm just dreaming you by my

Surrounded by darkness and 
yet I can see, it is magic of 
your love that lights the 
way for me 


My weakness is my love of you, 
for you are my every dream and 
my dance under the sky so blue. 

The things you do put a smile
to my face and send me soaring
to our special place. 

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