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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scattered Thoughts

I need to thaw out, 
I can't function in the cold.
I was once told I was temperamental but
life is unpredictable. I guess so am I
or it would be boring otherwise. 


When you think you understand, 
that is when you get smacked in 
the face from stupidity. 
The loudest screams 
are in silence. 
Life is a roller-coaster,
when you get off the ride it's
all over...might as well enjoy it while it last. 

Hearts are like the finest of crystal,
 beautiful yet fragile and when
 broken shatters to pieces. 

I am distant, 
my feet are on the earth,
my mind has left for another realm. 
Why is it that the worlds seems to want 
a piece of your soul?
It's what they think you are
and then everyone is your friend. 
I can't count how my true friends I have 
on one hand , the others are wannabe's. 
I hate the game of "Chutes and Ladders"
it's to close to reality. 
They say that they are reintroducing shock 
treatment for depression. The side affect is 
loss of memory. It might be good for
the side affect alone, can I forget 
to get to pay the bills. 
I daydream about the ocean, 
nothing is more magical or powerful 
than a body of water. 
I believe that there is no doubt that you will
recognize love when you see it... 
or is that feel it?
The prison without walls is the worse kind,
there is no escaping it. 
I have learned that as much I enjoy people,
I have begun to appreciate being alone.

Unrequited love teaches you that 
love of self is most important. 
The heart is as big or small 
as you allow it to be. 
If I were a billionaire I would 
never wear the same clothing twice...I hate laundry. 


Why is it that my mind is running 
and I have yet to walk?
There are situations that are out of our control,
those are the deepest of daggers. 
You can love a rose, 
but it still dies. 
If we live heaven and hell on earth,
I have done my time. 

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