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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Forever Blowing in the Wind

I promise to never cry as long as I live,
not to harden my heart but to open it, 
to never be saddened but what cannot 
be but to rejoice in the opportunity 
each sunlit morning provides us with. 

I promise to meet my challenges 
head on and overcome all obstacles,
to separate myself from the negative 
and forge ahead in a positive fashion. 

I promise to stand tall in the face of 
diversity and accept my differences.
I'll not look at what I cannot do 
but embrace all that I can and will. 

I shall love life whether I like all that
is happening or not. I will make a 
difference not in those around me 
but in myself to care for, smile 
and put myself in the hands of God. 

I will help all that are within my reach
and in doing so help myself to 
understand, accept and journey in 
a way that allows me to be complete.

I shall laugh as if tomorrow was over 
and live opening the gateway to love. 
I shall celebrate all that I am and 
all that I will and can be. 

I will dream the dreams of lovers, 
breathing new life into each new day.
Dance forever upon the clouds and
reward myself for my accomplishments.

I shall take in a deep breath and gather
the strength need to forge ahead. 
I will succeed not in proving my worth
but revealing to all my worth. 

When all is said and done and life on 
earth is complete I will leave 
behind a legacy of a women, 
her love and dreams forever
blowing in the wind. 

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