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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

...all in a day.

Every time you have interaction with people you find there is something to learn. I am aware that everyone has their own trials and their own way of dealing with them. That we are each living our own story and that each path is determined by choice. I have found that I make people laugh to break the ice and that to laugh at one self brings a comfort zone in the room. I learned that its good to remember a face and name and pretty cool when they remember yours. I have come to terms with life and like a spinning wheel, realize that when it stops, its over. I understand more about old adages they have survived the test of time because they are a little bit of life." An idle mind is the devils workshop" to much time to think opens the gates to our inner hell. " It is better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all", with each experience comes a lesson and to leave this earth without first comprehending and accepting the journey is to express defeat. Truth is difficult as everyone has their own truth. Right and wrong are interchangeable depending on the situation.
I am content knowing that I have explored my own emotions and expressed them in a reckless journey.

I don't hate, I strongly dislike.

Nothing I can say will change the world,
good and evil will continue to battle.
I have many questions
and even fewer answers.
I don't necessary like my story,
but I am the author never the less.

I can see the stars shining in the night,
like sparkling diamonds casting their
own light.

I can feel your love when all is sad
and blue, it brings with it a gift
that I feel in all I do.

It is as simple as closing your eyes
and opening your heart.

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