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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Chill that awakens...

I can feel the sand warm beneath my feet,
walking along the shore on a mind retreat.
The sun above the clouds penetrating through
and the memories of love and all that love can do.

I sensed it from the first, I felt it grow and grow,
deep within the heart where dreams first were
sowed. Nurtured by faith, hope and desire it
created a spark and then initiated the fire.

There in the darkness, waiting for me,  a dream upon the clouds and a dance where angels sing. Your arms are open, your heart welcomes mine, as we begin to challenge life and document the time.

For you erased the sadness and replaced with a smile on the path of our journey where we travel the miles. The days are quickly passing and sad was I , till I felt your love as it bonded here with mine.

Love is forever and forever will we be, as the script written in the heavens showers down for all eternity. The time has no power here, for I wrote the words for the world to share.

Words are power,
thoughts are the deed,
that writes the love
for others to read.

Wishing in the night,
to hold you near,
I reached on out with
my heart to share.

I go about my day writing words for you, 
with different combinations
 that all say " I love you." 

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