Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stars in the night

Stars in the night, 
rivers gray and 
a road that leads
to another day. 

Seasons in passing,
document the time,
as a reminder of 
love in your heart
and mine. 

This is the magic, simple as can be,
close your eyes and you'll be here
next to me. 

The stars are shining,the night is dark 
and gray and there in the darkness 
is your love which found its way.

Afraid to open up my eyes, just
in case the image was a tease
to mess with my mind. 

I lay here in the night and I think of 
you and the want of making 
dreams come true.

You can't erase the moment, 
nor the love I hold dear, 
the dreams have all been 
taken and only one left to 

Mystical illusions reveal 
the power of true love 
from the day you reached
on out from the heavens 

The night no longer silent
as my heart speaks out to you
with the words of love 
that make our sky so blue. 

Touched my heart with your love and
 left your print upon my soul.   

It is not that I don't,
It was that I didn't want to see. 

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