Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, April 19, 2013

April showers bring May flowers

The dance with the wind, 
stars shining from heaven,
sweet emotion brings to me,
a world full of dreams.

I close my eyes each night and
imagine you in the moonlight, 
calms my heart and soothes my
soul in a story yet to be told. 

Imagine the sweet kisses from
your lips to mine and the embrace
warm of love travels through time,
the magic of the day that makes 
you mine. 

The earth a carpet makes, the 
celestial skies will soon fade,
takes with it the black of night, 
when darkness drifts away.

Hearts and souls mingle,
like a dance in the heavens high, 
as a colorful rainbow arches 
boldly across the sky. 

Capturing the moment, 
to hold within the heart, 
as an eternal wave of love
ignites my life with a spark. 

I didn't recognize it, 
scattered forever mores,
until I almost lost it 
and there I saw the score. 

Together in the heavens,
wings of love take flight, 
the silent memory that
shines down a light. 

Reaching through the darkness,
grasping with heart and soul, 
to bring your love closer 
and to forever hold. 

Dance and remain joyous,
wherever life may lead,
as long we are together, 
we will live the dream. 

I'd cross the seas of life, 
travel both day and night, 
to hold you in my heart, 
so we are never alone. 

I quiver when mentioning,
the happiness you bring, 
music that only I hear 
as the notes of love appear. 

It was written in the heavens many years ago, the love like that of angels to the earth were thrown. Stronger by the moment more joyous by the day, the love that danced upon the clouds bonded with the warmth of summer rays. 
Chilled by the winds that surfaced in the night, a sculpture of lovers was carved with such delight. The images engraved so all can see, that love was meant for ever and forever it will be. 
The combinations many, like a snowflake yet to form, beautiful and breathtaking a lot is still in store. Each moment is very different , sometimes far and near, but always unified by love that waits to be shared. 

In a world of happiness and eternal joy, 
where memories of love are employed.

I ran up to the attic, 
and I listened to the rain, 
pit and patter as if 
a concert was played. 

My mind adrift and my
heart reached out to you,
as raced to hold your love
under skies of blue. 

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