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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 08, 2013


We do not own the butterfly, the flowers or the trees, not the sun that crest the mountain or the land that meets the sea. We are here to embrace, care take if you will for those who will follow we leave what we've not killed.

I glanced out the window as the woodpecker said" hello "and the leaves of  the shrubs and flowers are in their spring time show. The season is upon us, the celebration of life, where the nourishment of sun and rain allow for us a meaningful amount of growth.

We stand on borrowed time for there is no guarantee of how many tomorrows we will stand to dream. Man is filled with anger, hatred and greed and with all his earthly power, all he will leave with is his memories.

Earths soil through your fingers, sunshine through your hair, this the gift of life is what we have to share. The vision of a galaxy beyond where we have yet to go and as I gaze once more upon the heavens I realize how little we really know.

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