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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tongue of Angels

Have you read a book, where the story was so intriguing that you wish there were a sequel? It is not always so easy to close a book and put it down and open another. I again find myself in a very transitional time period. You look around and you find such negativity and you say" I really shouldn't feel any negativity and I should be grateful and I am " Yet I have this feeling like a chill in closing a book. Is there another to open? Like getting to a crest of the mountain to find another one on the other side.

I am sure for many people it feels as if someone else is writing our script. Putting the chapters all into perspective, circumstance indeed directs our path, but the ultimate decision making is ours alone. As the world spins we find ourselves amongst clouds both dark gray and fluffs of white. But in all reality behind the clouds the sky remains blue.

There is something awfully special and i'll tell you why, from the 
moment I looked into your eyes. The sun was much brighter 
and this I know from that first moment our love continued to grow. 

Only so many words
and so many dreams
to bring you close, 
much closer to me. 

Only a rainbow, 
with colors deep,
a simple reminder 
of the love you bring. 

Only a song, 
sung from a star
to you my love,
I give you my heart. 

Touched my heart
in a wonderful way,
leaving behind a 
dream a day. 

Kissed my lips, 
sweet as can be, 
from that moment
you said hello to me. 

Under the moonlight, 
there in the night, 
waiting to dream of
you holding me tight. 

The chill that rattles
the soul is from the 
image of lovers in
an everlasting hold. 


We place ourselves on the pendulum of high importance
and no matter what direction we sway our value
is minute in the scheme of things. 
It always amazed me that the moment we
are born we are dying. 
Time is our most valuable asset,
one there is never enough of. 
Truth is we need so little 
and we want so much. 
Love is unique as it a multi-facet 
emotion that has the brilliance 
of the rarest of stones. 
If I could take with me one thing, 
I would take your love and if I could 
leave with you with just one thing,
 I would leave you my love. 
Scripts written by the angels...or is that the devil. 


The chapter is on dreams and there the story lay, on a path of love and the spell that came into play. Lost was I in both space and time, imaging your arms securely wrapped around mine. I looked for love and  there I found the dream, I wanted happiness and it was tears that down my faced streamed. My heart quivered as it remembered what it felt like to break and my soul unsettling as if looking through a haze. The days long and lonely as I tried to find my place and calm the heart that continued to race. Somethings in life are simply meant to be, rough and tumbled like a scratch of emery. The day in passing is marked with hello's and goodbyes, some that leave a print and others that fade into the sky.
Some can take the challenge meet it with a smile, capture the essence and embrace along the miles. Strength beyond the capabilities of what we normally see and others are more weakened, blow in the wind like a ship lost at sea.
I turned the pages and at times went back to review, wondering if I could of wrote differently the days lost to the blue.I questioned my actions in what was I to do, Would it have made a difference if another option was up to choose ? The pages began to yellow, some had fallen to the floor and others were blank a waiting the words that tomorrow has in store. From the moment we wake up till we are fast asleep shares in the vulnerability that in second can cause one to week.
The threads woven, some out of choice and others were tightened to fill the void. Memories of yesterday, clear as can be and others fading quickly, now more like a dream.
There is sunlight in the garden, sun down by the stream and a road to happiness that might still wait for me. I couldn't climb a mountain and surely not swim a sea, realistically I bridged our hearts if only in my dream.s

If I could speak in tongue of angels,
and through the wind a whisper send,
from the stars down through the heavens,
the words of love to your heart would descend.

I would cast a shimmering sparkle of light,
like fireflies in the darkness , dancing in
the early eve when all else has gone to sleep
and all that shines above is the light the
moon bequeaths.

Life to each is given, love but to a few,
for I have experienced the magic that
sets the soul on fire, ignites it with a
love that burns from hour to hour.

If you listen closely, possible it may be
to speak in tongue of angels with each
word a gift I give to thee. Sweet and
enchanting with a breath full of love,
sent to you my darling from the
heavens above.

Sing> I just wanna whisper words
of love to you , as a reminder of
how much our love can really do.

It can break down the barriers
distance creates, building across
the blue skies a bridge of love it

I just wanna whisper words
of love to you, as a reminder of
how much our love can really do.

It can take the star lit night sky
and place it over two, like a
blanket of love it warms us
through and through.

I just wanna whisper words of
love to you, as a reminder of how
much our love can really do.

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