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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You Took a Hold

My soul quite rattled,
my heart in despair,
running between
raindrops while
wishing you here.

Peace can be found,
when the masque
is removed and the
magic of love is
sweetly consumed.

You don't need eye sight
to see love, the vision of
the heart views from
earth to the heavens above.

It makes the sky so blue,
the clouds so puffy white
and the dreams a vessel
to hold you day and night.
Some journeys are all but a day and a few a disaster long lived in an irony kind of way. I don't know the reasons and I don't know the why, that we have to experience heartache before we die. Souls that peak out of turn and race to the blue skies to simply be heard. Never truly looking but hoping to find the moment where you wake unto these arms of mine. The script written the day we were born and our purpose to fulfill what was obviously in store. The collision of spirits and the troubling soul recognizes the moment you took a hold.

Blah, blah rainy days,
cobwebs to wipe away,
sorrow and sadness are
memories of yesterday.

The season soon in passing
another to lead the way, as
I set about in motion to
accept  another day.

Silence all around, except
for the sound of my heart
as it calls on out to you,
with whispers of love
from me to you.



Another rainy days has me wiping down the cobwebs, The memories embroiled reveal all you mean to me. The dream Blue skies to gray, sunshine that has not yet founds it way. Da

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