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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Touching Souls

I was taken back to the moment in  time when my sister had passed away. I remember placing my hand on her arm and knowing at that moment that her soul was gone. In many ways I never appreciated the viewing as with my brothers passing , he chose not to have a lay out and he had become a spirit passing in the wind and my last image of him was alive and filled with energy. It brought to mind the touching of a soul. How could I describe this merge with the spiritual being. I thought of all the people that have crossed my path and how some people were like empty vessels and others left something special upon the soul. I wouldn't necessarily chock it up to friendship. There are all kinds of friendships but they don't all leave a footprint. I think of it as radiation and how it becomes accumulative, radiation never leaves it just compounds. I once thought of this touching of souls as the building blocks of character  and to some degree I still do. There is no doubt that we are changed forever by a simple passing. It is almost as if those times become document markers within our life. The network of souls appearing somewhat like a schematic, directs our being whether we realize it or not.
I found that this touch of the soul had nothing to do with the earthly right or wrongs and really does have to do with a spiritual connection. Like stripping away the layers of life to view the energy in motion. When I have tried to place this passing or this touch of a soul in context with the earthly vision it becomes complicated. But as you realize that our human vessel is merrily that a carrying tool upon  this earth, it much more easier to understand and accept the momentous occasion when souls touch.
Imagine that in the darkness you are not alone that your energy can travel anywhere on earth and the heavens. Embrace the impossible and feel the love entwined. It seems at times that we are overcome with our fixation upon the flesh that we fail to realize the power of the mind and its ability to touch a soul. How do you know if souls have bonded?

You sense my needs,
though flesh is far apart,
leaving a footprint on my
soul that lives on within
the heart.

You gave to life direction
holding hands as we go,
living and loving as the
bond within us grows.

I know it's awfully special
and I struggle to explain,
the comfort and embrace
even on darks days of rain.

Sometimes for a moment
and hour or a day but
the true touch of soul
is within us to stay.

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