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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Rising of the Sun

Sometimes dreams are a catalyst in which I can embrace love from a distance and other times they seem like puzzles waiting to be explored. I had the strangest dream last night and when I awoke it was so vivid almost as if I was taking part in a movie. I was caught in a battle with total strangers and in the end I was spared by the enemy. I wasn't quite sure of the significance of the mind with  protection of an outer gear. But than it seemed awful simple, to protect ones mind was to protect emotions, thoughts and the  inner weakness that sometimes reigns. The dream bordered  on being a nightmare , as there was elements of fear, survival and a surprise ending. Taking place in a hidden room with protective walls and yet still falling victim.

Walls built to protect
reveal a weakness as
they fail to keep the
darkness from closing

The battle finds that
everyone will lose
and only the pure of
heart will rise above
the gloom.

Strangers in passing.
spares the weary soul
erasing the sorrow
that once had its

I can see the building
the people I'll never know,
hiding from the nightmare
my heart and soul take a

Afraid the fear will rule
and that I am caving in
to the madness that
quickly unspools
with sin.

Strangers in passing
reach on out to me
and that is where
the story reveals
the misery.

Something's remain to
question and I don't
quite understand ,
except for the signs
of hope that leaves
its own demands.

I can't say what someone thinks,
but this much I do know that I
have embraced the magic of
love and watched it like a
flower bloom and grow.

I can tell you this and this I will
say from that from the very first
moment my dreams were never
quite the same.

Hope met with peace and passion
with desire and in my heart of
hearts you set a blazing fire.

I can't say what some thinks,
but this much I do know that
I have embraced the magic of
love and watched it like a
flower bloom and grow.

Waking in the morning to the rising of the sun,
the heavens shine down upon us and reveals
the gift of love.

It is pretty amazing and wonderful and true,
the magic of each moment that I share with

My flesh trembles at the touching of a heart,
from the moment our souls merged and
our friendship got its start.

The Script written  by the angels reveals
 what you mean to me and the warmth of
spirit that will be shared for all eternity.

I didn't go looking and never hoped to find
a love so magnificent it makes my eyes
sparkle and shine.

Forever had no meaning till I met up with
you and now I know the definition just
by gazing at the blue.

The secrets that I hold are forever in my
heart and there they will remain so
that we will never part.


Every thought a poem
to which I give to you,
my undying love and
gift of dreams to you.

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