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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, August 01, 2013

From My Heart A Song

I saw the love
and I felt it true,
the warmth of
love from me
to you.
I saw the dreams
and I felt it true,
the magic of
a day with you.

From my heart a song,
from my soul the love,
I send to you from
the clouds above.
From my heart a song,
from my soul the love,
to embrace forever
two spirits of love.
From my heart a song,
from my soul the love,
from the moment I met
you and we became one.
From my heart a song,
from my soul the love,
to you my darling on
the wings of a dove.
It is our human presence which channels both heaven and hell, for our spiritual being is free of any anchor upon the earth.
There is no anchor heavier than the weight of negativity.
Walk with you and hold your hand,
to kiss your lips and meet loves demands.
Oh what I wouldn't do to spend my life
with you... sweet darling.
To watch the stars at night  and
know you are never from sight.
You are simply as close to me
as my nightly dreams.
Angels sent down from up above,
guided in a direction that joined
two hearts with love.

I needed to get away,
to run into your arms, to
chase away the darkness
with a vision from a far.

I closed my eyes tightly
and allowed my heart to
see the images that
appeared were you
reaching out to me.


Listen closely and I will tell you true,
the words of my heart that I assigned
to the blue.

Every time you look to the heavens
high, remember I love you for all

True love is special, there is no getting away.
 It has no on and off, it's in our hearts to stay.

Pen to paper ,
peanut butter to bread
and you to me reveals
a loving friend.


Sing from the heart
fill the air with love,
sing from the soul
in the heavens above.

Sing of dreams,
make them all come true,
sing of romance
both me and you .

From my heart a love that sets the soul afire,
from my dreams a story that changes with the hour.
I found myself humming and from my heart escaped a wordless sound that
souls in dance partake high above the clouds.

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