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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, August 08, 2013

I Do....

I know when I need you ,
you're a call away, on
those days of darkness
when skies are gray.

But our love is special,
it indeed endures,
bringing sunshine
through a storm.

My memories remind
me so that no matter
my travels you are
with me wherever I

I was thirteen years old when I had an opportunity to meet a popular music group and spend time with them behind stage. My reaction wasn't as I had expected. Here I was a granted a chance to meet a group many young girls would have only dreamed of spending time with. But the lesson I came away with was that there is no one above us or beneath us. Some people would disagree with that statement.  But as life goes on you realize we all born to fulfill a journey and we all have an end date. As I look at the people in my life who have been a positive influence and those who have been a negative source of energy I wonder about the collision that brings us together. I also questioned how could we all be the same. Of course we each have different gifts and some choose to use them and others never soul search to find their unique gift. I also wondered about the negative source and how could we not be better than someone who declares a war, murders or does things that are monstrous in the eves of the average person. Life comes down to choices and what side of good or evil we choose to support. I am quite aware that everyone has the ability to entertain either the positive or the negative.  Simply put we are all born to write our own chapters, some of us will make great strides within our own achievements will leave its mark upon the world. But strange as it may sound even that which we don't understand will reveal the weakness of being human.  

Was I not listening to the rain fall,
or did I  not hear the angels call?
Caught in the darkness of another
day I opened my eyes to find my
lost way.


Another day of rain,
no sunshine do I see,
I can't understand
but I feel so empty.

I want to love you,
to be by your side,
to make you happy
to make you mine.

The days are long,
lonely am I as
I lay my head on
my pillow and wipe
tears from my eyes.


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