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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sweet Love Song

The kitchen dance pulled him from afar,
I closed my arms and held in my heart.
We danced the whole night long ,
dancing close to the sweet love song.

The embrace of love made it all so real,
a memory and a dream that we can feel.
Step by step we spun elegantly around,
like the dance of that special cloud.

Something happen and Ill explain as my
 feet left the floor and I drifted away.
Beyond the mountains and the sea in
the blue there was only you and me.

It is a gift of life,
the love you bring,
I'll not challenge
what was surely
meant to be.

I tried to make it
more, to control if
you can , but love
likes ours is free
and needs no

The drapes parted and here is what I saw,
the joy of love that came to call.
I laughed and I giggled as I sometimes do,
as I thought of the love that became the glue.

The sun is brightly shining
and the sky is a baby blue
and there in the heavens and image
appeared entwined souls of two.

My heart knew it to be true,
I sensed it the moment
I met you.

My heart felt it, it warmed
from inside a love so
special an kind .

My heart calmed with peace
as I thanked the Lord for

Love , love is so wonderful
forever and ever an eternal

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