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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

This too, shall pass

If I could document my life,
I'd highlight the chapters with you
and script them to the heavens
as a celebration of my love for you.

If I could sing the song of lovers,
I'd sing from deep within my heart,
and bellow from the top of the mountains
with the music played upon the angel's harp.

I begged the winds,
if you should blow in his direction,
take my love and like a kiss leave it
upon his lips.

I prayed to the heavens,
if dreams should come true,
allow my head to rest upon his shoulder
and the feel comfort of the joining of two.

Can you hear my heart?
The song of love I sing for you.
Can you hear the whispers?
I sent them upon the clouds
within the blue.

Can you feel the moment?
 I am reaching out to you.
Can you feel my love? I
saved it all for you.

Can you see the magic ?
The magic that brings us
together from afar.
Can you see how much I love you?
For my love is both in heaven
and earth.

The darkness will fade away,
the skies will no longer be gray,
the rain will cease to fall when
blue skies come to call.

The mountains will stand tall,
the rivers will race to meet the sea,
the dreams will continue to bring
you near, as near as near can be.

The stars will always shine bright,
the moon keep it place within the sky
and I will always love you, I will
love you for all time.

I climbed a mountain and I sailed a sea,
and found myself tumbling to my knees.
I touched the heavens when we danced
upon the clouds and as I fell to earth
a darkness was found.

I can see the trees along the rivers edge,
curving with the water makes it way around
the bend.
The stroll through life reveals the emptiness
inside, as nothing really matters without your
love by my side.

 I can see the mountains pressed against the blue,
as the clouds passing by remind me of you.
The dance upon the heavens and the dreams that
make you mine, the fading of a moment
where we were lost in time.

I can see the magic that dances on the window glass,
the shadows form a silhouette that only dreams can
surpass. The merge of two souls united by our love
are cast in the heavens and are forever up above.

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