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Thursday, August 08, 2013


The most difficult thing that I could think of is knowing when to close a chapter and open a new one. It seems as if some people go through out their life trapped in one long dragged out story without pausing in between the pages of life. I find that closure is so difficult, whether it is a death, illness or saying goodbye to a friend.  Can we let go or should we let go? I have asked myself that many times and I have written many poems for people who had to say goodbye to a love one. There is a bit of irony to that as I am was never sure if we are say goodbye or file the moments accordingly into our hearts and retrieve them through memories when needed.
What comes to mind as I think about life is a whirlpool, spinning around as it tries to pull you under the water. We have choices, we either reach for the shore, hold our head above the water or succumb. In the last few weeks I have seen that often in the people I have known. They did exactly that a few succumbed, some held their head above the water and I can see as many are reaching for the shore. I thought where am I in this circle, as I have felt all of the emotions and found myself battling. Set backs that now seem trivial an struggles that seem squeeze the breath out of me.
Idle time is always a problem as the mind has to much time to think, from a few nightmares that I can visualizing to the reviews of past experiences.
I always felt that I was in control of my emotions but at times it is my emotions that get the better of me.  Truth is crucial , like the key component of life. If you listen to your heart, you recognize the truth. You know love when you see it, feel it and begin to appreciate the chapters for they are worth.
I relaxed a little listen to some opera and other various music genres. It is as if each song I listen to could be filed away in various chapters. Music is like that, it can open your heart and pull out memories booth good and bad.

I like the chapters where love writes page by page,
the dances on the clouds and the dreams that lead
the way.

I like the memories that I hold with my heart, the
sweetness of days gone by that rid life of all
the sadness that surfaces from the dark.

Some angels sweep like the wind through our life
and than theirs those so special that
they are day and night.
One of my last conversations with my brother " where do these words come from and how do you what to write  " and my response " I hold the pen , God writes the words" and to that he said " " Sure hope God isn't retaining copyright" I hope you are at peace big brother.  Closing a chapter , holding you in my heart.

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