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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Melancholy Raindrops,

Look to the heavens,
it's yours and mine,
no matter the distance
and no matter the time.

Look to the heavens,
both day and night,
whether it is sunshine
or the magic of moonlight.

Look to the heavens,
no matter where we may
go, we will always be
close from spring through

Look to the heavens,
to the galaxies wide
and know that I love
you , forever in time.

Look to the heavens
and no I am near,
as close as your thoughts
is the love we share.

Look to the heavens
in the dark of the night
and watch the stars
bridge with the brightest
of light.

Look to the heavens
and you will know
that I am always with
you wherever you go.

The seasons bow before us,
they document the dreams,
casting the silhouettes right
out of sweet memories.

Like children's cutouts,
we can change the scene,
placing you beside me
and conjuring up a new

I'd work on silk and lace,
I'd give to you a smile,
I'd walk us along the shore
and remove the distant miles.

Summer caught us dreaming,
fall placed us in denial,
but soon winter will be passing
and you'll find us going
round and round.

The stars are shining,
the moon came out from hiding,
the night sent out an invitation
and the stars now shine bright.

The day passed to night
and there I find the light,
guiding your heart to mine
and sealing them for all time.

Stop with the lessons,
lead me to the blue,
hold my hand as I
whisper " I love you"

Bridge the distance,
leap through time,
heart to heart happiness
when souls entwine.

Sit upon the hillside
and gaze upon the sky,
remember that moment
your heart first said Hi!

I wandered over the mountain,
I said my hello and goodbye.
I danced and celebrated the
dreams that twined your heart
forever to mine.

Another day upon the stage,
where life creates a new
a chapter where skies are
absent of the mystical blue.

There is no sunshine in my mornings,
the skies are always dark and gray.
there is no happiness without you,
I just sit and count the passing days.

How many tears have fallen and
how heavily shall they weigh?
I have lost count of each tear
drop but they anchor the heart
day by day.


I felt I lost control,
I could not see the blue,
I gazed unto the heavens
as I looked for you .

Barriers meant to shield
to guard this heart of mine,
to ease my spirit and
erase the memories
from my mind.

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Margie said...

Beautiful and also sad!