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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, December 05, 2015

All Of Life

It was the cloudless night that spoke clearly, as the stars canvased the sky. There in the darkness a message that could not be denied. Love had truly surfaced, soared to unmeasured heights in a visual that gifted us with the most amazing sight.
Souls had come together many years ago and held on tightly without ever letting go. There is reason to the trials that keep the flesh apart but nothing can separate what lives within the heart.
My sigh broke the silence, my mind rattled a drift, as I felt the most amazing feeling when your love gave me a lift. Soaring the heavens, my feet no longer on the ground until I reached for your hand and you slowly pulled me down. Peaceful and yet steady, I'm in your arms once more, in the arms of my forevermore.

To close my eyes is to remove the barriers
and feel your embrace.
I never knew what is was like not to struggle,
until I found myself in your arms .
You are with me,
both day and night,
deep in my heart
for all of life.
On this journey,
where once was hell,
a place of love is
where we dwell.
Caring, kindness
and happiness grew,
to remove the gray
with skies of blue.
You are with me
both day and night
deep in my heart
for all of life.

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