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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, December 04, 2015

Bound By Love

Complex might be the notion,
this connection between you and I,
like the stars to the heavens,
your heart is linked to mine.

There is nothing between us,
no amount of space or time,
for we are joined together
forever just you and I.

 No void in the night
as I close my eyes I see,
that you are here with me
to fill my endless needs.
This unique attachment
is eternal in its hold,
heart and soul together
a true union of gold.

Precious the gift,
strong as it can be
shines above all others
as we continue coupling.

Speaking thru silence
and touching from afar
we challenge this life
with words of the heart.

From earth to the heavens
no separation will you find,
as our souls are bound by love
till the end of time.


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