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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Hard to believe it is the end of December. Taking a stroll in what appeared to be spring like weather, I was taken by surprise to see the Quince in bloom. Unlike spring where the shrub is a bushy green with blooms , the shrub was a bit gray and yet filled with coral like blooms. Tempted to cut a few branches and places them in a vase on the dining room table so as to enjoy a rare glimpse of winter quince in bloom.
Life like mother nature, you are never quite sure what tomorrow will bring. It is not unusual that while shopping someone will stop and talk to me. This women not like I had ever met her, began talking as I strolled through a couple isles looking for after Christmas specials. By the time I made it to the counter I knew the most personal information that one would usually share with a old time friend , she ended her conversation with " Each morning that I wake up I treat it as a holiday worth celebrating." You just never know what tomorrow will bring and it is not quite like age had anything to do with it , as a twelve year old died Christmas eve after he overturned his four wheeler. Yes life is indeed precious.
I spent Christmas eve with a friend. Her grandchildren acted out The Christmas Story and we ended the evening encircled with candles lit and singing Silent Night. Christmas has always been more to me than gift giving, though I must say I do enjoy seeing the grand children's faces sparkle with excitement. But to me Christmas a story of hope and faith is just that hope that goodness will overcome evil and faith that tomorrow will come and we will once more celebrate the joy of life.
The days since have gone so quickly that I find it hard to believe that we will be celebrating the new year.
The power of the positive can be seen throughout our lives. How each chain of events joins us together creating a tighter bond. Interlocking hearts and souls through memories of yesterday and dreams of tomorrow. As the new year approaches I find myself caught up in a dream my daughter had. She said to me the dream is a view into the future. I interpreted it as her insight into my life and her own restlessness and a mix of hope and faith.
Happy New Year

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