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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tossing and Turning

Lost in the memories
and it was no surprise,
that the heaviness my
heart felt was distance's
Longing for the moment
this needy soul of mine,
hungers for the flesh
to embrace this heart
lonely heart of mine.
The smiles and laughter
the joy can't be denied,
like stars in the heavens
your heart is in mine.
The further the distance,
the closer we become, 
no doubt you are my angel,
my sweetest love.
Tears break the silence
as each one falls
spoken from the heart
it is your name they call.
Time quickly passes 
as I suddenly sigh,
wanting you near me
time after time.
This old pillow,
I have kept so long,
worn and tattered
it is still going strong.
I hold it tightly
scrunched in my arms
as tight as I hold you
here in my heart.
This old pillow,
I have kept so long,
worn and tattered
it is still going strong.
It keeps all my secrets,
catches all my tears
and knows of the love
you and I share.
 Just as the eyes can adjust to the darkness,
  the heart can see the beauty of love
through all the seasons of life.
It is in my darkest hour
that the truth of love reveals itself.
In times of struggles I seem to always visualize the image in the story of Gulliver's Travels. The part where Gulliver is tied down by the Lilliput. When little things are so overwhelming that they hold us back...breaks through the ropes.
Negativity is so powerful that it
can drain the spirit of useful energy.
When you know at that very moment that
you have been some how forever changed.
The greatest gift is in waking up,the sky is blue, the sun is shining
and your love brings joy to my life.
There is something about a train ride, well cared for rails make for a smooth ride
and then there is the neglect, rust and unexpected and that we call life's derailments.
The sky dawned in gray
a haze is left behind and
though the darkness dwells,
the sun within still shines.
Incredible the vision,
an artist sketch divine,
heart to heart collision
reveals forever in time.
The hills reveal through the ferns of green
that as long as we experience we can conquer all the dreams.

Sometimes it is a word, a song or a glance across a crowded room
but there are times you can't deny what was meant to be all along.

Tossing and turning all night long,
lying awake and lost in song.

I wiped a tear drop from the corner of my eye
and replaced it with the memories that cause me
to let out a sigh.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the night
and the void of your absence now seemed
bigger than life.

I take to the heavens to dance upon the clouds
and pull you to my heart and spin around.

My heart is filled with your precious love and the
joy my soul feels are what dreams are made of.

Tossing and turning as I can't fall asleep,
so I lay here awake wishing you next to me.

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