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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, December 05, 2015

...an early Merry Christmas

I give you my heart
to do with as you will,
it's yours to keep
to protect and shield.

Keep it safe
and don't let it fall,
it is fragile at best
and doesn't handle
close calls.

I give you my heart
to do as you will,
it's yours to keep
and to protect and

May it bring you happiness,
like you have brought me
and filled your life
so completely.

I give you my heart
to do as you will,
it's yours to keep
protect and shield.

I don't have a void
and this is why
you gave in return
your heart by surprise.

Waking up in song
means I love you,
singing all day long
means it gotta be true.

It puts a bounce in my step
and a sparkle in my eyes
and my heart can't help
but sing a song for you.

Waking up in song
means I love you,
singing all day long
means it gotta be true.

It puts the sun in my morn
makes me giggle and feel warm,
my day is brighter and nicer
ridding my life of the storms.

Waking up in song
means I love you,
singing all day long
means it gotta be true.

The skies have never been so blue
as when I am thinking of you,
my day takes on a new form,
this must be the new norm.

Waking up in song
means I love you,
singing all day long
means it gotta be true.

Priceless gifts of love,
that is what you give to me,
you're my dreams at night
and my morning cup of tea.

You're the warm embrace
that holds me so ever tight,
in the dance upon the heavens
you're the love of my life.

You triggered the emotions
trapped deep inside of me
and so I use the words to
express the hearts needs.

To share the morning and
hold your hand each day
as we walk through life
in this extraordinary way.

The power of touch
is how the heart feels,
I reached into the darkness
and the moment seemed

Like a bolt of lightening
your energy I can feel,
as it touches my heart
and for a moment time
stood still.

Bridge the darkness,
with the morning light
on this journey we travel
there is you and I.

Sharing each moment,
expressing how much we care,
I knew that this was love
when our hearts were paired.

Feel the magic,
let your love flow,
from the depths
where only lovers go.

Deep in the heart,
where forever exist
you'll find the love
through a wind sent

I took to the heavens
I set my soul free
as I felt you fused
your love now apart
of me.


Move the mountain
and drain the sea,
bridge the miles
with an ordinary

Wipe the tears,
infuse the heart
touch the soul
from afar.

I woke up in a dream and a
smile beamed from my heart
as the memories flowed
I relived that first spark.

Scrunched my blanket,
I kissed my pillow as if
it were your lips and I
dreamt you returned the

From an early child on I had this sensitivity to my surroundings. Filled with emotion and sometimes referred to as being super-sensitive. This time of year brings out more of that in me than usual. Partially your heart tears for the sadness in the world, that people can't see the beauty in a field of flowers a warm sun or a blue sky. The other part of me races back in time and relives holiday memories. As I listen to holiday music and decorate my Christmas tree I am overwhelmed with emotion. Somehow that child surfaces in me each season and I moved by the memories of my first memory of Christmas. Unlike the young people of today, gifts if you were good, were apples, oranges and nuts in our stocking. One year it was days after the holiday, my father came down with a package. He said it must have been dropped on the roof and it had my name on it. To my surprise it was a baby doll. We may respect the experiences of others but we will never truly see through each others eyes. For our experiences are quite individual and unique to each of us.
I was ten years old and it was during the Vietnam war and it was at this time that I was aware of the pain a country suffers. Baking cookies for my brother who was in the military at the time. It was also when I more than ever appreciated what peace meant. Currently times are troubled world wide and again I question why people can't appreciate the simplicity that peace offers. Separating myself from the negativity that the media bombards us with, I find myself in the joy of the season. Thinking of you, loving you and holding you in my heart.

Child like wonder
and sparling eyes,
memories old
and new in time.

Take my hand
and follow me,
as my heart
would have it

To be with you
and kiss your lips,
as you touch my heart
and create such bliss.

To spend a day so fine,
wasting away the time
as long as I am with you,
the skies are always blue.

My holiday of sweet,
is a treasure to believe
when you share the day
it magic will never fade.


Share the season,
summer to spring,
snowflake are falling
and with you I dream.

Strolling under the moonlight,
thinking about the moment
your brought your love
into my life.

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