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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reached for your hand..

The beauty of life and
the magic of dreams,
entwines our souls
for all eternity.

Distance the fool
to the heavens we soar,
the embrace of hearts
are like never before.

The song of love
is for you my dear,
accompanied by the soul
our love is shared.


Touched my heart and I smiled,
embraced my soul and I cried
as the magic of love could
not be denied.

I believe the mountains are here for us to climb,
 we took their challenge and crossed the great divide.

The silence is broken
by the song of my soul,
sung by the heart it
never grows old.

The truth behold,
I love you so,
you are the joy
and I am not
letting go.


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