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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Song of My Heart

The sun without its shine,
no moon a glow at night,
there'd be such an emptiness
without the love of my life.
Stars without their sparkle,
the world dark and gray
that is how I'd see it if you
had not found  your way.
No smiles or laughter
nor magic of delight
had our souls not come
together and made everything
No longer a void
for you are here with me
and I value the treasure
that the sweetest memories

Like a rainbow arches the mountains,
your love bridges the dreams.

There is a bit of you in me,
that is what people see
through all my thoughts
and all my dreams.

There is a bit of you in me,
the treasure seen in each
season, from summer
fall, winter and spring
each day is what love

There is a bit of you in me,
in that special place that is
quite deep within me,
in my heart where you
will always be.


The heart whispers
as the fingers type and
now the world knows
what true love is like.

It's the breath of morning
with each hello we share,
it's the pit and patter of
raindrops that reminds us
of each moment we share.


I asked those fingers " don't
type no words of love, don't
go sharing what's in your heart,
it's for your special love."

Controlled by the heart,
those fingers of mine
lost all control and typed
time after time.

They didn't care who read it
or if the whole world would see,
as they were filled with excitement
that only true love can bring.

Some may say it's repetitious
or silly as it can be ,to type
the words over and over of
what you mean to me.

It is my daily celebration,
the mystery of sweet love
that I take each time to type
that it is you my dear I love.

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