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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This thing we call....

Music fills the air
as if summer were here
and I lay in your arms
with only our hearts
to share.

Nothing between us
that we can't overcome,
there is a magic that rules
the moment in this thing
we call love.
Close your eyes and
you'll know that I am there,
the grass beneath us and
blue skies with nothing
but happiness to spare.
My heart took to singing
and I began this dreaming
and that is where you appeared
as if it was right our of thin air.
Close enough I could feel you
and sense your being right here,
that is how it happens, one, two
fingers snapping and a memory
is here to share.
I end my day with a goodbye to the sun
and hello to the stars in the heavens above,
but the best part of this moment is that I'll
be with you, if only by the power of a
dream that waits to come true.
You gave to me your love
and for that I thank you so,
you are the love of my life
and thru each day it shows.
Peaceful is this sweet embrace
in a calm that soothes the soul
as I lay here daydreaming of
us heart to heart and face to
Ya gotta thank the heavens
for this moment and the
chance to meet with fate
and surface with a smile
on my face.
Ya gotta believe in dreams
and know that the come true,
if only at night where I
lay here thinking of you.
Ya gotta embrace this love
that has taken us by surprise
and accept the challenge
that is right here before our
Ya gotta know it is true
that our paths are now one
and that we are here to
celebrate this thing we call

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