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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flowers in Passing and Flowers in Bloom...

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote "Into each life a little rain must fall."  No one avoids a storm so in reality we all get a little rain. Of course this week they are calling for more than a little. It is like we can't get out of this world without experiencing the negativity. Quite the reminder that good and evil flourish and more than sometimes is unbalanced. With a long trip ahead and the forecast calling for a weeks worth of rain , I am not so looking forward to a long drive across state. But ever so the optimist I am sure things will work out. 
It's memorial day weekend and though most people will be celebrating it is a work weekend for me. It is almost as if people need reminded what the holiday represents it's not grilling hamburgers and shopping sales,  Memorial day is a time to reflect upon those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom, soldiers who have given their life so that we can go on about ours. One day set aside to honor those men and women who died serving our country through military service.
It is easy to disagree with our government on whether we should interfere , battle and how to protect the citizens of the United States but we shouldn't forget that men and women of the military are just following orders and that they are typically mothers and fathers , son and daughters etc.
I look on at the world as it stands in a form of unrest, it is obvious that evil survives in its most cruelest form. I once read where it said " hate is the closest emotion to love:" How could two polar opposites come from the same place in the brain? I have honestly believed if you seed negativity in your weakest moment evil will flourish. Sounds like a simple solution to a better world for everyone to seed positive thoughts and grow the blooms of love.  Which brings me to another old adage " we reap what we sow."
I want for you peace, love and happiness

Seeds of love
flowers in bloom,
a field of daisy's
under skies of blue.

Warm hearts,
wonderful dreams
cast the visuals
of you and me.

Time lost,
time found
perpetuates love
when you are around.

Wipes away tears
brings out the smiles
as the memories
gently surround.

Holding on tightly
and never let go,
as my heart in yours
is a love that grows.

This forever
in my words for you ,
will certainly live on
as love stories do.

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