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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Hopeless Romantic

What is the recipe?
What do we need?
The equation is simple
there's you and me.

Sharing in life,
holding your hand,
a kiss on the lips
is all in the plan.

The pleasure of loving
gaze deep in your eyes,
a path that leads your
heart to mine.

The recipe simple
take love times two
and mix it with happiness
for me and you.

All that we need
is simple indeed,
to wake in your arms
and again to sleep.

This is my forever
whether near or far,
to love you with
all of my heart.


Follow your heart and
believe in the dreams,
as the path of love
leads you to me.

Season to season
as the days pass on by,
the script written
in the heavens high.

Candle light dinner
shadows on the wall,
sharing in the moment
I'm here for the long haul.

Toss a few rose petals
the fragrance is sweet
fill the room with love
and warm memories.

Emotional Retreat

I took this moment
to quickly escape,
the trials of life
for my souls sake.

Distance plays a game
heartache to the mind,
as I reach into the darkness
and pull you to my side.

I close my eyes
and hold you near,
with whispers of love
my heart dares to share.

Stroke my emotions,
bring peace to the mind,
share in a sweet kiss and
embrace our time.

Sorrow and happiness
both find their way
to touch the soul
day after day.


My fingers do the writing,
the words of the heart
from the moment I met you
I felt this spark.

The lilac is blooming
with fragrance of sweet,
they hold so many memories
like walking in a dream.


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