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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Morning Verse

Life is like the weather cold, 
hot and occasionally just right.


Choice is the key that unlocks the gate of opportunity.


When you experience kindness
there is no doubt to what evil looks like. 

Two hearts together, 
as close as two can be, 
with a touch of desire
it feels so heavenly. 

I devote each  moment
to express how much I care, 
with  sweet words of love
to the world I share. 

Love and passion
with a tenderness of such, 
means everything to me
as I feel your gentle touch.

I treasure every memory
and hope to create a few
where all is as it should be
and I am there with you.

I feel you in the morning
and through out the day,
I feel you as I'm sleeping
as in my heart is where
you'll stay. 

Like the first of sunshine,
you brighten the way 
and I find myself traveling
light years away. 

Forever is a longtime,
will you still love me to the end?
I keep you in my heart, 
will you keep me in yours ?

I find pleasure in the meeting
on the stars and the magic of 
a moment where I felt the 
love you placed in my heart.

My soul approved it and 
this is how I know that 
we have found the common
ground where love can grow. 

Love is what we have 
and with that I am very glad.
smiles and laughter thru the day
sadness has no place. 


Hello and goodbye, 
smiles and than cries, 
teardrops and laughter
plays with the mind. 

Far and yet close, 
weak and still strong
as I lay here dreaming
that I'm in your arms. 

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