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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Morning, Afternoon and Night

It is the deepest of silence that the
 heart can be heard speaking the loudest.

Some scripts need torn up and rewritten,
I know of a few better endings. 

Sometimes if not always 
an emotion filled tear is heaviest 

Sometimes the heart is heavy ,
there is only so much it can carry.

Whispers of the heart
no words does it need,
the sound of love is
more than a dream.

Gazed unto the heavens
the stars were shining bright
as if connecting our souls
by the presence of one sky.

Memories document a day,
burnished to the soul
heartbreak and laughter
just a moment away.

Touched my heart
embraced my soul,
on this road that's
sometimes cold.

I hold on to your love
in away that lovers do,
as I know that this is special
in the way that I love you.

The tears keep on flooding
like a river from its bank
filled with hope and faith
that we'll have the last laugh.

The journey was written
on the path of life and
the quest for happiness
was right within sight.

No amount of hello's
or goodbyes are needed
for you are always with me
in my heart where you reside.

Take each moment and
make it feel a new
with that special feeling
the sky takes a different hue.


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